Chris Torch appointed Artistic Director for Timisoara 2021

Chris Torch, Intercults Senior Associate, program director and founder, has been appointed Artistic Director for the European Culture Capital Timisoara 2021 in Rumania.


The Association Timisoara-European Capital of Culture releases the implementation strategy of the TM2021 Programme to be split into two phases: StartUp (2017-2018) and Action (2019-2021).

This first phase, starting January 2017, focuses on identifying local, national and international cultural operators to develop the Programme, for a coherent cultural strategy for the year 2021. It starts with the appointment of Chris Torch (Intercult, Stockholm) as Artistic Director of Timisoara 2021.

“At this stage, we need an arts professional with a clear international outlook and proven track record, who understands our Programme and is familiar with other successful European Capital of Culture projects. He brings with him wide experience in working with European Capitals of Culture and engagement in several European platforms. Chris Torch will work together with the Timișoara 2021 team on developing strategies and capacities essential to becoming a Capital of Culture. The Association Timisoara-European Capital of Culture strongly believes that Mr. Torch is best suited to work closely with us. Together we can achieve very good results.” states Simona Neumann, Executive Director of ATCCE.

“My job is to lead the StartUp Phase. My focus is to defend and develop the vision of the Cultural Programme as defined in the Bid Book. My mission is to form an Artistic Unit during the next two years, increase the contact surface with Europe and cultivate an effective and highly competent local team, capable to implement the Programme in the next phase. I remain committed to Timisoara 2021 until that quality team is in place and fully functional. The longterm goal is a highly professional and citizen-sensitive local cultural sector, with strong European connections.” says Chris Torch.

Chris Torch is Founder and Senior Associate at Intercult, a production and resource unit focused on culture, ideas and the arts. Created in 1996, it is a publically-financed institution, based in Stockholm, managing both a designated Europe Direct office and Access Europa, a platform for cultural organizations in Sweden focusing on international collaboration.

Torch comes to Timisoara from his present role as Program Director for Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture (Croatia). He was a member of the artistic leadership in the winning bids of both Matera 2019 and Rijeka and contributed as artistic advisor to the Timisoara bid.

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