Georgian refugees living in Hot Spring SPA area

CORNERS – turning Europe inside out has been chosen for the EU Creative Europe grant 2014–2018. A huge honor and proof of our stubborn, consistent work through the last years.

We are one of 21 major European projects to receive multi-annual funding for this funding period. The project includes several culture organizations from different parts of Europe. Artists from various places meet and get inspired by one another and the environments that they meet. Corners helps to create new art projects that involve people on sight and influences artists through new encounters.

It means that production planning and tour making can continue as planned. There is room for improvement and development. It means at least 2 more Xpeditions (Puglia, Italy 2014 and Northeastern England 2015). It means moving from research and concept to production and action. It means building on the beautiful efforts already made until now with Kids on the CORNERS in Ljubljana, Put Yourself in My Place in Umeå, and different showcases/basecamps in Zagreb, Gdansk, Rijeka, Belfast, Umeå and Stockholm. CORNERS Ersboda (Umeå 2014) will be the first bigger testing ground in november 2014, engaging 4 CORNERS projects, a number of short DocuArt film presentations and hundreds of people.

Other future places are: Haninge, Stockholm Sweden (2015), Belfast Northern Ireland (2015), Prizren Kosovo (2015,2016), Serbia (2016) Rijeka Kroatia (2016), San Sebastian, Spain (2016). More places will follow..

Below CORNERS-activities organised by Intercult, and on the CORNERS webpage you can follow the development of the artistic projects.

24 April 2017

CORNERS visit Gdansk May 8-20

21 March 2017

Audience Links Xchange conference on audience development - a follow up of the conference and seminar February 22 & 23 2017

10 January 2017

Audience Links Xchange 20-24 februari 2017 in Stockholm - A warm thank you to all participants!

31 October 2016

CORNERS - From Donostia to Gdansk

23 September 2016

Next Stop for CORNERS - Donostia San Sebastian

4 July 2016

CORNERS in Ljubljana June 2016

19 June 2016

CORNERS Triangle 24 april - 18 juni

14 June 2016

Intercult 20 years

26 April 2016

CORNERS makes a difference in Vranje, Serbia

Photos from CORNERS in Vranje, Serbia
22 April 2016

SIMKA rapporterar från CORNERS i Vranje

5 April 2016

CORNERS residency in Puglia, Italy March 23 – April 7 2016

29 March 2016

Pernilla Glaser reports from her visit to Serbia

22 March 2016

CORNERS in Europe april- october 2016

11 February 2016

Audience Link Xchange meeting in Gdansk February 16-19.

14 January 2016

Swedish lecturer and educator, Pernilla Glaser, meets teachers in Serbia in February

9 December 2015

SIMKA in Kosovo

As part of the CORNERS Serbia/Kosovo project the artistduo SIMKA worked a couple of days in Kosovo in December
30 October 2015

A short report from Corners Belfast

Intercults Chris Torch and Charly Wassberg Borbos visited CORNERS Belfast october 21-25. Here is a short report...
20 October 2015

Corners Belfast October 2015

7 July 2015

CORNERS Live - new online platform

8 June 2015

Seminar: Audiences, the public and cultural projects: three perspectives, Donostia / San Sebastián

Seminar in Donostia/San Sebastián June 8, European Capital of Culture 2016, as part of Corners of Europe project.
19 May 2015

Projektet CORNERS Haninge avslutat!

TACK Haninge! Under två spännande veckor i maj har 30 konstnärer från Europas alla hörn och kanter samarbetat i Haninge med konst- och kulturprojektet CORNERS Haninge. Se bilder från projektet här!
7 May 2015

CORNERS Haninge är i gång!

30 konstnärer från Europas utkanter har anlänt till Haninge: de har spritt sig till olika platser i Haninge och Farsta; de arbetar i kvarterslokaler, i kulturhus, på torget och på fritidsgårdar. Konstnärer och boende skapar tillsammans i 10 olika projekt mellan 4-17 maj.
6 May 2015

Se hela programmet för Corners Haninge här!

28 April 2015

Läs CORNERS Haninge nya broschyr!

28 April 2015

CORNERS Haninge - Konsten att byta plats: inbjudan

HANINGE/FARSTA. Location! Location! Location! Två av vårens viktigaste utställningar på temat (plats) har vernissage under konst- och kulturprojektet CORNERS Haninge. Under två veckor i maj visas de på två platser utanför innerstan: i Farsta och i Haninge.
15 April 2015

​CORNERS Haninge – vänder ut och in på Stockholm – 4–17 maj 2015

Under två veckor i maj kommer 30 konstnärer från Europas alla hörn och kanter till Haninge för konst- och kulturprojektet CORNERS Haninge. CORNERS är en plattform och ett samarbete mellan konstnärer och kulturinstitutioner i Europa och Haninge är först ut i dess treåriga Europaturné.
17 March 2015

Eight and final CORNERS Xpedition has just started

The destination is North East of England, where ISIS Arts will take the artists to explore Newcastle upon Tyne, Middlesbrough, Newbiggin-by-the-sea and hidden corners of the area.
16 February 2015

CORNERS Launch – 3 mars i Haninge kulturhus

Upplev lanseringen av det europeiska kulturprojektet CORNERS i sju länder samtidigt. Kom till Haninge kulturhus, inspireras, möts och hör om, när, var och hur CORNERS landar i Haninge. tisdag 3 mars 17:00-18:30. Flera av de svenska konstnärerna, som senare kommer att jobba i Haninge, är på plats. Under lanseringen samtalar de med CORNERS-konstnärer runt om i Europas hörn via videolänk – allt visas på storskärm i foajén.
12 January 2015

CORNERS – partners meeting in Belgrade

15 December 2014

Puglia Xpedition is starting – from 8–20 December, 25 CORNERS artists will explore Puglia region in Italy

26 November 2014

Välkomna till Ersboda knytkalas!

Bästa vänner! Välkomna till Ersboda KNYTKALAS! Nu på lördag 29 november i Ersboda Folkets hus
20 November 2014

Arts & Conflict – artists in Maidan Square, Kiev Ukraine

11 November 2014

CORNERS Ersboda – Turning Umeå inside out!

A city is made of many small segments, each with its own personality. Some parts are hidden, some traditions have been destroyed, some others re-invented. Neighborhoods are where people live, work, play and learn. They are sometimes peaceful places and sometimes disrupted, challenging.CORNERS brings a platform of international artists & animators into direct contact and co-creation with people living in Ersboda, both Östra and Västra: a diverse and complicated area about 6 km outside of the city center… or?……Where is the center? Who remains at the “edges”?
20 October 2014

Matera – Europas kulturhuvudstad 2019!

Fredagen 17 oktober blev det officiellt att den Italienska staden Matera utsetts till Europas kulturhuvudstad 2019. Vi vill därför rikta ett stort grattis till staden Matera/Basilicata och ett stort grattis till Intercults Chris Torch som varit involverad i ansökan…
18 September 2014

CORNERS – partners meeting in Zagreb

3 September 2014

CORNERS – Chassis – Showcase in Zagreb 5–7 September

Through movement and unusual objects, the authors of Chassis are offering estranged view on public space and the way of its usage, focusing on what is usual and extraordinary in it.
12 August 2014

CORNERS has been chosen for the EU/Creative Europe grant

It is really a pleasure to inform you that CORNERS - turning Europe inside out has been chosen for the EU Creative Europe grant 2014-2018. A huge honor and proof of our stubborn, consistent work through the last years.
1 July 2014

CORNERS to Umeå 2014

"…despite the long dark nights in November, we are sure, that we will bring some lights, sounds and joy to the community."
28 May 2014

Kids on the CORNERS

Next stop: Kids on the CORNERS in Ljubljana, 1-14 june 2014.Two great participatory art projects focusing on children, youth and empowerment. PAPYRINT and BIRDHOUSE GALLERIES.
3 April 2014

CORNERS lanseras i Umeå – Europas Kulturhuvudstad 2014!

Efter flera års förberedelse med Intercult i spetsen tillsammans med partners från alla Europas hörn: konst möter publik. Put yourself in my place, av Milijana Babić (Rijeka, Kroatien) & Ida Hansson (Umeå, Sverige)
24 March 2014

CORNERS – Northern Ireland Xpedition

24 March 2014

Put yourself in my place – in Umeå April 4:th 2014

20 February 2014

CORNERS – fruitful partners meeting in Zagreb

Partners meeting in Zagreb with all our colleagues engaged in CORNERS, a major European project 2014-2018 connecting the "corners" of Europe. Application to EU on the way to completion. Energy and future hopes high.
14 December 2013

CORNERS – Put yourself in my place - presentation in Rijeka, Croatia

The artists Milijana Babić (Rijeka, HR) and Ida Hansson (Umeå, SE) exchange their living and working environments, with an aim of going through the experience of ‘another life’ in some other geographical corner of Europe.
14 December 2013

CORNERS – Built to Contain-Showcase in Belfast

Persons convicted of various crimes tell tales of the untold – BUILT TO CONTAIN, a premiere radio play. First recorded on Friday the 13th of December, 2013, this piece was developed with international artists and is performed by convicted felons in Northern Ireland.
18 November 2013

CORNERS – The travelling Now-showcase in Zagreb

After exploring oral literature, this time in the area of Basque Country and the Baltics, as well as after dealing with migration and representation of poetic elements along the edges of European geography, the authors show the installation through various forms of media – poetry, video, instant photography and sound.
12 November 2013

Premiär för första CORNERS-verket!

Efter flera års research & development möter nu CORNERS publiken. I Zagreb 8–10 november visades Atlas of Tremors, en performance där folkmusik möter nutida digitalt framställd musik, allt framfört live.
27 September 2013

CORNERS - Xpedition Basque – Culture for Coexistence 6–18 october 2013

The Fifth Xpedition is organised by CORNERS partner Donostia/San sebastian 2016. A country with a long history, with its own language, minorized and legendary, that has provided a genuine culture and personality to the land. Power struggles and internal and external political differences over the years have caused too much suffering to this country. With the ceasefire of ETA, today this land is living a new situation that let us face the challenges of a future of coexistence with enthusiasm.
18 April 2013

CORNERS BaseCamps and upcoming activities 2013

The BaseCamp format gives a chance for artists working on co-productions to meet, work together, design the projects in detail and to implement the research that was done during the first phase of the project.
4 February 2013

Välkommen till BASECAMP OPEN i Stockholm - nu på lördag!

Nu på lördag den 9:e februari, kl 14.00, i Intercults lokaler på Nytorgsgatan 15, bjuder vi in alla intresserade för att ta del av ett av de konstverk som har växt fram ur CORNERS. Det gränsöverskridande konstverket PUT YOURSELF IN MY PLACE är under produktion och ska bli en installation som kommer att visas i alla CORNERS partnerländer under de närmsta åren.
17 April 2012

CORNERS - samtal och presentation 7 maj

Just hemkomna från Balkan och den tredje Xpeditionen presenterar Intercult och Umeå 2014 det europeiska samarbetsprojektet CORNERS och samtalar med flera av de deltagande konstnärerna och forskarna. Vi blickar även framåt till projektets nästa fas 2013-2017, då konsten möter publiken i bland annat Umeå.
26 September 2011

CORNERS Caucasus Xpedition in October

Twenty two artists and researchers from ten countries travel by bus from the boarder town Hopa in Turkey, through Georgia to Baku in Azerbaijan. They will encounter people in the region and look for stories and inspiration for new artistic work.
20 June 2011

CORNERS North Xpedition in August

The first Xpedition, CORNERS North 8-21 August 2011, is organised by CORNERS partner Umeå 2014. Almost 17 artists and researchers will travel by bus from the North Sea to the Gulf of Bothnia, too meet people in the region and search for stories and inspiration for new work.
28 February 2011

Research & Development 2011-2012

Xpeditions of artists and researchers (sociologists, architects, environmentalists) will travel to four corners of Europe to come in contact with local artists and citizens, animate public places and use artistic expression to open dialogue.


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