Rijeka in Croatia elected European Capital of Culture 2020

On Thursday March 24:th 2016 the port city of Rijeka, Croatia was chosen to host the European Capital of Culture in the year 2020, for the first time in Croatia’s history, as the newest member state in the the EU.

An international panel of cultural experts, including officials from EU institutions and Croatia made the decision after Rijeka and other three Croatian cities, Dubrovnik, Osijek, Pula, presenting their respective programs in this competition.

Intercult’s Chris Torch has been engaged with the bid for Rijeka 2020 during the past year. He will now be engaged to work as Program Director, leading a team of cultural experts, artistic directors another experienced people from the cultural sector in Rijeka and the rest of Croatia. The work to be elected as European Culture Capital 2020 has the full support from the City Council of Rijeka since 2013.

“Rijeka is the right choice, although the competition was tough”, says Chris Torch. “… winning over great cities like Dubrovnik and Pula.”

Intercult, founded by Chris Torch in 1996, will develop possibilities for Swedish artists and organizations to participate in Rijeka 2020 – Port of Diversity and bild new cultural bridges with the Balkans.

“An immense opportunity for Swedish artists to participate in one of Europe’s top cultural initiatives. I’m proud to be able to act in bringing two ends of Europe together, at a time when Europe needs to come together, reflecting unity in diversity.”

link till Rijeka 2020 website: http://www.rijekaepk.eu/en/
read the Bid Book from Rijeka 2020:


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