Vienna – third partner meeting within I_Improve


I_Improve (2018-2021) is a cooperative European project. The partnership consists of 6 members from the River//Cities platform: Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Poland and Lithuania. The common framework is promoting audience engagement through culture, especially in waterfront areas. Its priorities are social inclusion, open and innovative practices in the digital area, and adult education. During 20-22 [...]

Vienna – third partner meeting within I_Improve2020-10-02T10:03:36+00:00

Summarising experiences and learning processes in Stockholm


We organised a meeting in Stockholm to summarise our learning, teaching and training activities within the framework of I_Improve. The meeting took place at our host Intercult's offices in Stockholm on August 18th to August August 22nd. The aim with our meeting was to gather input from each other, discuss our learning activities and plan [...]

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Livet Bitch! are introducing methods in I_Improve


Livet Bitch! (Life Bitch!) are introduced as an innovative partner in the project I_Improve. Livet Bitch! will present their methods to our international partners with the aim to spread the projects progressive methods for reaching young girls and women to the rest of Europe. Livet Bitch! is a cultural project that originates from the young girls [...]

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First partner meeting: I_Improve


We improve our organisation through Erasmus+ ! Our project I_Improve had its kick-off meeting in Stockholm between the 27th and the 30th September 2018. The meeting was focused on technical details of the project and how Erasmus+ works. We developed the project idea to a new level, ensuring that we achieve the improvement goals [...]

First partner meeting: I_Improve2020-10-02T10:15:27+00:00
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