On Monday 10th June, Intercult organised an event focused on climate, culture, and urban development as part of the local labs events under the umbrella of Turning The Tide Creative Europe project. The day included a roundtable at Intercult’s office and a guided tour at Slussenrummet.  This discussion will explore cross-sectoral collaboration to find creative ways to address and respond to climate issues, and to build more resilient communities.

The main discussion during the event centered on these key questions:

  • How can artists, the public sector, and stakeholders collaborate to create engagement around environmental issues deeply rooted in local community needs?
  • How can we facilitate artists to move beyond the boundaries of the art world and connect with more cross-sectoral organisations?
  • What challenges and opportunities exist in creating art closely related to the local community (“socially engaged art”)?
  • How can we build a group a network of interested organisations and stakeholders around climate change?

Specific questions for the Slussen area included:

  • What climate threats and challenges will Stockholm’s drinking water supply face in the coming years?
  • How can we use art and artistic interventions to convey to Stockholm’s residents how climate change may affect their local environment?
  • What is it like to work as an artist in such a changing environment as Slussen -a “non-place”?

The aim of the event was to create a platform for cross-sectoral dialogue among artists, actors, and stakeholders in the Stockholm region who are passionate about environmental issues. Topics include collaborations and ways to highlight the challenges of climate change through art and culture based on local community needs, and how to empower people to take control and responsibility for their local environment. The goal was to create a more hopeful narrative about what we can do to counteract and protect our cities against climate change.

During the conversation, each participant shared their background and perspective on working with sustainability and climate action.  Stockholm’s specific climate challenges and proposed strategies to address these problems were discussed during the event.

The roundtable was organised in connection with the project “Turning The Tide: Creative Actions for Uncharted Climate Emergencies” (TTT). TTT is an international art project running from 2023-2026, aimed at raising awareness of climate change and its impact on coastal cities around the EU. Read more about TTT here.

Co-funded by the European Union.