As part of the international project Creative Waves – Baltic Sisterhood of Change, Intercult, which represents Sweden and is the leading partner in the project, held an inspiration meeting and workshop with the artists Halina Rosa and Wieslawa Tokarska on the 26th February 2022. Participants came physically to Intercult’s warm premises where Halina and Wieslawa as artistic leaders shared their professional and life experiences and their knowledge of design, materials and the path from hobby to profession.

  • Iwona Preis, CEO of Intercult, the project’s leading partner, presented the Creative Waves – Baltic Sisterhood of Change initiative and the collaboration between the project partners: Sweden (Intercult), Poland (Baltic Sea Cultural Center Gdansk), Kaliningrad (team of activists) and Estonia (Estonian Women´s Studies and Resource Center ENUT).


  • Halina Rosa presented her journey through life, her goals, dreams and development in journalism, design, textiles and crafts.

  •   Wieslawa Tokarska presented her journey, development and skills in working with crafts. Wieslawa introduced the group to her design and to work with different types of materials.

This meeting shows that “embroidery is not just embroidery” or that crafts are not just crafts “- it is also community and opportunities!

During the meeting, both today’s speakers and participants shared their experiences, opinions and thoughts about the dreams, problems or challenges they experience today in their own creativity and being a woman in the cultural industry. Many also shared what knowledge in digital technology and marketing that they felt was missing and want to learn more about. It was a safe environment that was created where many exciting and important conversations took place – which will continue until the next workshop!

Creative Waves aims to build an international bridge between women crafts, design, digital marketing and technology. This first inspiration meeting was the start of the next three workshops where participants will learn Roses as a pattern – to make hand-painted textiles and create their own creative motifsto make Handmade jewelry that is made with wool and amber stone and develop digital skills in how to use different social media channels (Facebook , Instagram) marketing and logo tools.

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