Intercult Productions – Project leader, together with Euroregion Baltic, Baltic Sea Cultural Centre in Gdansk, Estonian Women’s Studies and Resource Centre (ENUT) and activists from Kaliningrad Oblast undertook this BSR communities’ resilience project. The project objective is to empower representatives of vulnerable groups: women, youth and immigrants, with a sense of identity, continuity and belonging and provide them with skills relevant for employability. This will be achieved by bringing together traditional social relations and cultural activities with contemporary demands via innovative digital and cultural tools. This, in turn, will support societal recovery within the BSR and at the same time revive Baltic intangible cultural heritage. Project is to promote women leaders in resilience building process: both on project partner level (coordination, team) and on creative level (artists, experts) main roles are given to women as change makers.

During the project participants are using circular approach and learn about traditional and more innovative ways of living healthy, sustainable life, they will be thus better prepared to further adapt and share green/digital tools. Participants will get information on EUSBSR, Green Deal, SDGs.

All in all, the project develops a solid basis to build a more complex, inclusive programme in the BSR dedicated to vulnerable groups, providing them with pathways out of the post-pandemic crises, and other difficult situations.