About us

Intercult is an independent production and resource unit based in Stockholm, Sweden. We have worked in Sweden and Europe since 1996, as initiator and leader of collaborative culture projects, networks and the development of intercultural and international project competence. We take an active interest in national and European cultural policy. We operate actively in several networks. We share experience through seminars, conferences, lectures and mentorship. We are a Europe Direct office, engaging in cultural politics and citizen communication.

We are a European Resource Centre for Culture, a regional initiative to assist cultural actors with support and advice on international cultural cooperation and EU support. The program focuses on cultural competence development for social purposes. In intercultural and international projects with activities both in Sweden and in partner countries, socially relevant issues are integrated into management and practice (we do and share).

Intercult is mainly creating of international project collaborations, partnerships and project management with subjects like cultural heritage, climate changes, gender, culture on waterfronts, digital tools for performing arts. In all projects we are working closely with connected artists and artistic interventions, both local and international. The projects create opportunities for artists to participate in a broad range of activities.

We believe that:

-Artists act as a megaphone for the community and can help to shift agency away from institutions back to the people, who in turn can create meaningful change

-Art practice tactics are ‘the acupuncture point’ for the artist to steer, guide and build the conversation between the local community and decision makers.

– The interdisciplinary approach and cross-border collaborations can make a stronger impact to local and European communities

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