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Woven Network, or Women’s Network, is a 6 month online art residence involving 7 female artists from 5 European countries across 3 timezones.

This is our creative response to the pandemic: sharing experiences of women workers who are on the frontlines battling the coronavirus. Our artists will seek to highlight the women working in healthcare, education, and other essential service sectors.

Lockdown along with unemployment and the risk of infection, plus the invisible, overwhelming burden of unpaid labour, have demonstrated that women’s roles are currently undervalued, underpaid and under-represented politically, socially and economically throughout Europe. That is why the Woven Network project aspires to:

  • Raise the profile of women as ‘key workers’
  • Examine and highlight women’s experiences as central to the European response to the pandemic
  • Shift the view of traditional artistic cooperation
  • Create a horizontal, non-hierarchal network
  • Increase opportunities for artistic expression in these times

We also seek to examine cross-border collaboration, the use of digital tools and materials, and the practice of distanced collaboration. All this is happening through the creative work of three female artists from Ukraine and one each from Sweden, Scotland, Poland and England.

Within the project, everything is vigorously explored online. The seven female artists collaborate in a virtual space; sharing ideas, stories, and materials with each other and creating an inclusive, multi-disciplinary, cross-European digital product.

Using the lense of creativity and collaboration, the artists will discover new patterns of working together while simultaneously expanding their expression into digital media.

Read more:
Project website: http://wovenart.works
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wovennetwork/

Alice Máselníková (Stockholm)
Oksana Kazmina (Kiev)
Olia Fedorova (Kharkiv)
Maria Pronina (Donetsk/Mariupol) + Alisa Oleva (London)
t s Beall (Glasgow/Dumfries)
Iwona Zając (Gdańsk)

Platform TU (Ukraine)
Intercult (Sweden)
Fablevision (Scotland)

Woven network\Women network is supported by the European Union under the House of Europe program.

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“Woven Session” is a series of talks about art, activism and about digital collaboration and being an artist in pandemic times.

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