Online event: Woven Session #4

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Woven session #4 - Outside observer with artists Olia Fedorova and Iwona Zając Friday 30 October - 3 pm - Live on Intercult's Facebook page! Does activism have to always be direct and obvious? Often artists face the urge to respond to the problem and at the same time remain distanced. The more painful is [...]

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Event: TIDSFLANÖRERNA (Time Strollers)

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Event on October 25th / 1pm-4pm TIDSFLANÖRERNA (Time Strollers) During the last month, five Stockholm based artists were researching the post industrial cultural heritage on waterfronts between Norra Hammarby, Tegelvikshamnen and Stadsgården which are undergoing a transformation process. By doing silent walks, raising questions and travelling back in history, they explored these areas from an [...]

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LET’S BE UPFRONT! ABOUT YOUR EUROPE. Upfront! Is a platform for political, artistic and social expression. Here you can take a stand on European issues that engage you, and start and artistic debate. Illustrate your perspective on Europe by submitting a short film of a maximum of 15 minutes to the competition. Create a video [...]

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Three tips when planning your online event

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Earlier this year in June we were planning our workshop together with Changemaker Livet Bitch! - and let me tell you, we learned a lot. Firstly, we had to ask ourselves if it was possible to go through with a workshop in the current climate of the pandemic. We decided, like many others during [...]

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Woven Session #3!

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Woven session #3: Home. Alice Máselníková and Olia Fedorova Friday 9th October 15–16 SE time, 16–17 UE time To Facebook event Home. Feeling of home and being at home. Being at home too much; not feeling at home enough. Work at home. Home work. Remote work. No work. Too much work. In what ways has [...]

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Informal learning

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I_improve is a project centered around informal learning, but what is informal learning? Our informal educator Avril Meehan helps us answer that question in a brand new piece of writing published on the I_improve website. She goes into explaining the subject, how to approach it and also a reading list for those who would [...]

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State Of The Union 2020

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Don´t miss State of the Union speech 2020! In September each year, the President of the European Commission gives a speech on the state of the EU (SOTU). This year, Ursula von der Leyen will give her first speech to the Commission as President on the future of Europe and her thoughts on the past [...]

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EU:s cultural recovery plan

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The European Parliament's Committee on Culture and Education (CULT) organized a video conference on the first of September  where the financial recovery of the cultural and creative Europe was discussed. Last week, the organization Culture Action Europe published an article about the conference and the importance of Creative Europe as part of the cultural sector's [...]

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Presenting: Woven Network

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Woven Network, or Women's Network in English, is a 6 month online art residence involving 7 female artists from 5 European countries across 3 timezones.  This is our creative response to the pandemic: sharing experiences of women workers who are on the frontlines battling the coronavirus. Our artists will seek to highlight the women working [...]

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Reflecting on our June 2020 workshop

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On the 16th of June 2020, we at Intercult had the pleasure of hosting a workshop together with our changemaker Livet Bitch! (which translates as Life Bitch!). The theme was: theatre as a space for feminist issues. The participants in workshop where from all over Sweden’s cultural field - decision makers, freelance artists, theatre producers, [...]

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