As a part of the project Theatre In Palm and in collaboration with Konträr, Intercult presents the third Theatre Movement of the spring 2024: Nattiné with Daisies Varieté during Kulturnatt Stockholm on the 20th of April.

Daisies Varieté’s Archive The Museum combines entertainment, engagement and the timeless allure of daisies. – You will have ‘the time of your life’!

Within Konträr’s new concept – Nattiné, we let an artwork that is described as challenging meet the audience in an intimate way. The concept has arisen from a longing to create a contemporary art salon, where artists and visitors meet to experience culture beyond the comprehensible.

Late in the evening, after all performances and dinners have ended, we invite you to an extraordinary and exclusive experience to enjoy with your clients or colleagues. Daisies Varietié’s The Museum is no ordinary museum. It’s not just about the original costumes, gold records and so many other wonderful items of memorabilia – it’s about you!

Walk in the footsteps of Daisies. Our educated guides will lead you through the museum, taking you on a journey through Daisies’s incredible career. Learn about their rise to fame, the creation of their timeless hits, costumes and the global phenomenon they are today. This exclusive night Daisies opens the Archive just for you and digs out forgotten artifacts, unforgettable shows from the catacombs. They invite avatars and ancient choir singers from Daisies’ original evenings. Unlock a world of entertainment as you and your guests immerse yourselves in the magic of Daisies.

After the guided tour, it’s time to dive into the interactive aspects of the museum. Imagine yourself as the next member of Daisies. Feel the excitement as you join them in song and dance. The possibilities are endless within the vibrant and interactive atmosphere of Daisies The Museum.

THE FULL DAISIES EXPERIENCE that combines entertainment, engagement, and the timeless allure of Daisies. – You will have the time of your life!

About the group:
Daisies Varieté is a performing arts group based in another universe that creates immersive potpourri and immersive cabarey – a memory, a state and a temporary lounge but also a platform for the spontaneous, fragmentary and imperfect.

Participating artists:
Adrian Kautsky
Amanda Lebert
Selma Kjellsson
Chris Staudinger
Julia Cechal
Eira Fröjdh
Liza Tegel

About the event:
Date: April 20 2024
Time:  21.00 – 00.00
Entrance: Free
Duration: 3 h
Adress: Östgötagatan 33
Closest metro station: Medborgarplatsen

About Konträr:
Konträr is a venue for contemporary theatre that presents international guest performances, original pieces and national co-productions among other events within the genre of experimental performing arts.

What is Theatre in Palm?
TIP brings together 12 partners from all over Europe to collaborate and co-create in an international and intercultural platform. The project lasts between the years 2022–2025 and works towards establishing a platform for emerging artists in the performing arts, which can act as a stepping stone for European exchange and intercultural collaboration. The main aims of the project are to help emerging artists navigate in their career as well as to broaden networks and facilitate cooperation between the project member countries.

This groundbreaking project is coordinated by Turku Arts Academy. Apart from Sweden, organizations from Italy, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Greece, Belgium, Cyprus, Romania and Bulgaria are active on the platform.

Read more about Theatre in Palm here.

Co-funded by the European Union.