Welcome to TIP Theatre Academy!

Intercult is very proud to present the Theatre Academy in collaboration with the Stockholm Fringe Festival (#STOFF2024). How about an AI workshop, commedia dell’arte laboratory, or an interactive lecture on theatre criticism? 10 events are already open for booking, more will be announced soon!

Theatre Academy is a 3-day long programming arts seminar open to all interested in international performing arts. Discover a unique lineup of workshops, discussions, theatre labs, performances, and masterclasses led by experienced practitioners from all across Europe. Artists are invited to partake in a rich and skill-enhancing program while exploring additional facets of performing arts in an international context. The academy especially welcomes emerging artists seeking to broaden their network and find new career opportunities. The program is entirely free of charge!

Dates: August 27, 28, 29 2024
Venues: Konträr and Theatre Giljotin
All events are conducted in English
N.B. limited number of spots. Book through STOFFs website
Questions? Contact info@intercult.se

The academy is a part of Theatre in Palm, made possible thanks to support from Creative Europe. All the events are coordinated as part of a multi-festival week in Stockholm in August 2024, which, in addition to the Stockholm Fringe Festival (#STOFF2024) and the World Fringe Congress, also includes Scensveriges export festival Swestadge and the network Stolt Scenkonst. 





  • “Acting workshop Cueing the Motive” – (Workshop)
    Led by: Suresh Nampuri, string theorist, playwright, actor, director and president of JÁ International Theatre in Lisbon, Portugal
    Tues 27/8 Konträr – 9.30-14.30

  • “Generative AI in Creative Processes”
    Led by Agnes Török, stage poet, playwright, and theatre director, and Charlie Prag, project manager, educator, and street dancer with a focus on digital tools, the team is from Stockholm, Sweden.
    Thur 29/8 Konträr – 09.30-12.30

  • “How can the performing arts sector become more sustainable?” (Seminar)
    Led by: Annika Bromberg and Petra Weckström, two of the initiators of “Hållbart Kulturliv Nu” a newly started Swedish NGO aiming to become the unifying force towards a green transition in the Swedish cultural sector – with national and international bearing.
    Thur 29/8 Konträr – 13.00-14.30

Co-funded by the European Union.