Intercult’s projects always begin with conditions or a context we wish to influence. We work cross-disciplinary and trans-regionally, inviting artists from different disciplines and places. We work with partners from all over Europe. We have, through the years, worked with several International and national collaborative- and cultural projects across EU and Europe. Our current projects are:

I_Improve 2018-2021 
I_Improve is a cooperative European project. The partnership consists of 6 members from the River//Cities platform: Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Poland and Lithuania. The common framework is promoting audience engagement through culture, especially in waterfront areas. Its priorities are social inclusion, open and innovative practices in the digital area, and adult education.

Memory of Waters 2018-2020
Memory of Waters is a cooperative European project that’s co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.  The aim of the project is to create a new trans European conversation, which we anticipate will not only impact on planning and regeneration policy within participating countries, but through our dissemination plan, will reach out to governments, citizens, planners, architects and academics across Europe.

Connecting Georgia 2019-2020
Connecting Georgia is an artistic-led project that aims at discussing and creating tools that can be helpful regarding the challenges for places with post-industrial and cultural heritage. It consists of artistic residencies, city labs, artist-led investigations, networks and public events. By involving the waterfront city Batumi, connecting Georgia is a part of the project Memory of Water.

Wood is Cool 2018-2019
The seed money project is addressed to the preparation of a bigger project in Archangelsk in 2019, aiming at the creation of a new cultural center for the youth, located in one of the old wooden buildings in Archangelsk. By implementing the actions we expect Connection of different knowledge for preservation of a cultural heritage (in broad terms Wooden Archangelsk) through creative processes for urban development and an upholding and strengthening of democratic accountability among local inhabitants, especially by mobilizing young people for engagement against destructive transformation of the urban space and its cultural heritage of old wooden buildings.

S. O. S. Climate Waterfront 2018-2021
S.O.S. Climate Waterfront project gathers ten partners from Portugal, The Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Poland and Sweden to share their best practices, including research on waterfront projects that merge equipments as well as public spaces and infrastructures, projects that succeed in conquering public support and integrating the signs of the collective identity. Climate change solutions can only be successful in ensuring a resilient city if they also engage citizens, educating them about climate change challenges and solutions, and fostering possible changes in lifestyles.

Nordic Forum for Interculture
Intercult has together with other European resource centers in the main Nordic countries (Denmark and Norway) initiated the platform Nordic Forum for Interculture. Nordic Forum for Interculture (NFI) is a cross-border network for nordic recourse centers that works to further diversity. NFI aims to confront the challenges that we are facing with our diverse society and introduce tools to work with intercultural dialogues in a global reality.

New Nordic Voices 2018-2019
New Nordic Voices are a network and project created by ACT (Afro-Cosmopolite Thespians) in Denmark. It is an initiative that presents the visibility of Nordic minorities and seeks to build networks and collaborations between Nordic minority artists and create plays with working groups consisting of Nordic artists with diverse backgrounds.

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