Al-Harah Performing Arts Training Center – PARC 2013-2015

The idea of Al-Harah Performing Arts Training Center started due to the increase of the number of theater groups, organizations working in the performing arts field, theater venues and conference halls in Palestine.  There are over 30 venues, 17 theater groups, 70 folklore dance groups, three circus groups, more than 5 organizations working in music and over 15 music groups in the West Bank only.  In addition to that there are many other Palestinian performing arts groups living and working in 1948 areas.

Some of these venues are very well equipped with no one to operate. There’s a remarkable lack in the number of technicians and professionals in the fields of: lighting and sound design, costume and set design, production management, cultural and stage management. There’s no college or center in Palestine or any neighboring Arab country specialized in these fields.

There are between 20-25  actors graduating from Al-Kasaba Drama Academy, The Freedom Theater Acting School and Dar Al-Kalimah College on yearly basis, who lack having specialists in the other fields to work with.

PARC will develop and strengthen cooperation between performing arts organizations locally, regionally and internationally.  It will provide new working opportunities for young people in the West Bank and Jerusalem.  It will also build new networks with performing arts organizations in the Middle East, Europe and other parts of the world, to enrich each other’s experiences.  It will develop the Palestinian Performing Arts Sector and enable them to participate in regional and international festivals with more artistic quality.

The Training:

It is a two- years program, divided into five stages over three days a week training;

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

  1. First part: a period of 5 months with local trainers.
  2. Second part: a period of 5 months with international trainers.
  3. Third Part: a period of 3 months, including a practical work on a production with Al-Harah Theater and other performing arts organizations.
  4. Fourth part: a period of 3 months including local, regional or international residency for the trainees based on their development.
  5. Fifth Part: a period of 3 months for trainees to work on their graduation project.

Target Groups:

Young people aged between 17 – 30 years old from all over Palestine. Accepting only 6 participants in each field.

Fields of Study

  • Lighting design and technique
  • Sound design and technique
  • Costume Design & Making
  • Scenography Design & Making
  • Stage Management
  • Managing & Producing Cultural and Artistic Projects

Al-Harah Theater i Palestina

PARC is financed by Swedish Institute Creative Force