CORNERS – turning Europe inside out has been chosen for the EU Creative Europe grant 2014–2018. A huge honor and proof of our stubborn, consistent work through the last years.

The art-project CORNERS includes 11 partners from different cultural organizations in Europe and Intercult in Sweden is the lead partner. The project has received a multi-annual funding for the period of September  2014 – January 2018.  Artists from various places meet and get inspired by one another and by the environments that they visit. Corners helps to create new art projects that involve people on sight and influences artists through new encounters.

The project started with Xpeditions in different locations in Europe (Puglia, Italy 2014 and Northeastern England 2015 and in other places). In these Xpeditions artists from different European countries and with various disciplines met, worked together and created 17 projects of which most of them has toured around the corners of Europe, meeting and working artistically together with people at each location.

After 7 years, we summed up our story. Take part by downloading the book about CORNERS – Turning Europe inside out.