As a part of the project Theatre In Palm and in collaboration with Konträr, Intercult presents the fourth Theatre Movement of the spring 2024: “Keeping Up With the Iranians” on the 14th of June at Konträr. A sparkling party performance that traces Iranian pop music history and invites you to dance, dream, and eat cake!

Before the performance, the audience is invited to mingle and network with other theatre enthusiasts and talk to Intercult about Theatre in Palm and other European cultural projects. Take the opportunity to ask your questions about our upcoming event Theatre Academy, in August, that will be held partly at Konträr.

About the performance
Shortly after the Iranian Revolution in 1979, the new leader, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, banned music in the country, equating it to opium. As a result, many artists relocated to Los Angeles to find new ways to make a living and pursue their artistry in exile, without financial support from the government. This often happened through recordings and concerts of the musical genre dāmbuli dimbol, as this was the type of music people danced to at mehmooni (a social gathering where one is invited to someone’s home to have dinner, dance, celebrate, etc.). It is a culture in exile consisting of dance, music, and joy, and it has long been dismissed as apolitical art by intellectuals, Marxists, Islamists, and Westerners. However, through illegal distribution, it has found its way back to Iran and become mainstream culture behind closed doors. The repression has made this music a signifier of freedom—a catalyst for realizing one’s dreams.

The performance Keeping Up with the Iranians draws from this part of music history by recreating a mehmooni with the world-famous singers Setareh and Poupak, the chart-topping pianist Fereshteh, and the renowned choreographer Dancing Dina, who are all visiting from Los Angeles. To the tunes of dāmbuli symbol songs, they invite the audience to an unforgettable evening of dance, music, cake, and joy.

When? 14 June 19:00, mingle from 18:00
Where? Östgötagatan 33, Stockholm
How? Tickets can be booked via Konträr newsletter

Duration: 100 minutes

Keeping Up with the Iranians has previously been performed at Nordisk Kulturkontakt, Sophiensaele, Centrale Fies, Slugtown, Folkteatern, Oceanen, Galleri Mejan, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, and Uppsala Art Museum.

Afrang Nordlöf Malekian

Performers and co-creators:
Mia Herman, Sepideh Khodarahmi, Afrang Nordlöf Malekian, Edwin Safari

Afrang Nordlöf Malekian

Graphic designers:
Agga Stage, Johnny Chang

Poster photographer:
Jean-Baptiste Béranger

Many thanks to:
Nour Helou, Poya Livälven, Malin LQ, Samuel Girma


About Konträr:
Konträr is a venue for contemporary theatre that presents international guest performances, original pieces and national co-productions among other events within the genre of experimental performing arts.

What is Theatre in Palm?
TIP brings together 12 partners from all over Europe to collaborate and co-create in an international and intercultural platform. The project lasts between the years 2022–2025 and works towards establishing a platform for emerging artists in the performing arts, which can act as a stepping stone for European exchange and intercultural collaboration. The main aims of the project are to help emerging artists navigate in their career as well as to broaden networks and facilitate cooperation between the project member countries.

This groundbreaking project is coordinated by Turku Arts Academy. Apart from Sweden, organizations from Italy, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Greece, Belgium, Cyprus, Romania and Bulgaria are active on the platform.

Read more about Theatre in Palm here.

Co-funded by the European Union.