Woven Session #3: Home

Alice Máselníková and Olia Fedorova

Home. Feeling of home and being at home. Being at home too much; not feeling at home enough. Work at home. Home work. Remote work. No work. Too much work.

In what ways has the nature of work, and artists’ work specifically, transformed in the recent months? How has the idea of home changed under quarantine or with recommended home office? For some it changed more and for some less dramatically, but most of us have been affected in one way or another.

During the Woven session #3 the artists Alice Máselníková (CZ/SE) and Olia Fedorova (UA) will work together and at the same time discuss their experience of and thoughts on the concepts of home and work. You are invited to join this relaxed afternoon session over with a cup of coffee or early after-work beer, or just like that for a Friday art encounter.

Work has so many different connotations and natures that it can hardly fit one definition. The two artists work in very disparate manners, but the idea of home is rooted in their art practices and careers. Alice usually works at home both as an artist and as a freelancer. This time she might be walking in the woods, collecting herbs or myths for this project, or staying at home, creating a fictional ‘book of a wise woman’. Olia will be working in the fields, taking us with her on the path, listening to the sounds of wind and observing the wide horizons.

You are invited to take part in the session by writing your replies to one or several of the outlined questions:
– What is ‘home’ for you? What feelings, perceptions and sensations do you connect home with?
– Has your feeling of home and/or transformed recently, and how?
– How do you relate home and work? Do you work at home? Do you like working at home? Are you good at working from home?