Woven Session #special: Armchair chat

Diana Berg, Liz Gardiner and Iwona Preis

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On the 11th December 2020, as this historic year of global pandemic draws to a close, the three partners who have provided enabling services (leaving our artists free to explore their creative practices) will kick off their shoes, flop into their Swedish, Scottish and Ukrainian armchairs and will reflect on what has been achieved.

In this final Woven Session Diana Berg (Platform Tu, Ukraine ), Iwona Preis (Intercult, Sweden) and Liz Gardiner (Fablevision, Scotland) will sit down for an “armchair chat”

This has been the toughest of years. There has been no chance to relax during 2020: no time for renewal, reflection, replenishing of body mind and spirit. What a privilege therefore to have been part of this Woven Network project. Very few people will have had the opportunity to work with artists from five European countries: sharing, expressing and reflecting on experiences of historic significance, as they happened. We have had almost a journalist eye view of an important moment in history …

In this armchair chat, we will take a moment to reflect on our processes and on what we have achieved

Woven network artists have provided the world with historic documentation: this is a project that reaches way beyond pandemic response – exploring feelings, reactions, reflections on  what this year of ‘the virus’ has done to us all as individuals, to our ngos, to our cities and to our countries,

And we can also look forward to what Woven Network has become and will become in the future as new projects from Scotland and the Nordic countries are added to what has already been achieved and documented with Ukraine in the lead.

Join us for this Armchair Chat session, which will be almost ‘therapy’, as we reflect together on 2020 – the year of Covid-19.