Welcome to the exhibition ‘Kluven’ by Brynhild Bye-Tiller (NO), Dina Abu Hamdan (DK/JO), Emma Hirsk (SE/IE), and Katarzyna Piórek (SE/PL) who are participating in the Woven Network Nordics project. Woven Network Nordics creates a safe space for support, solidarity and collaborations for female artists across Europe. The project and exhibition are arranged by Intercult with support from the Nordic Culture Fund. In collaboration with Studio 44.

The four Nordic artists, who have worked together in Woven Network Nordics since March, creatively and versatilely present their thoughts on women and the pandemic. The artists explore and showcase the potential of the interdisciplinary, inclusive and socially engaging, artistic view of an important topic in the public debate.

A warm welcome to the opening on Friday 24 September 17-22 at Studio44. Parallel to ‘Kluven’ the exhibition WTITP’ by Sebastian Nordbeck and Max Olofsson also opens in the gallery’s premises.