Intercult presents Wieslawa Tokarska – one of our Polish-Swedish artists working on the project “Creative Waves- Batic Sisterhood of change”. The project collaboration focuses on artistic creation of traditional crafts from Poland and Sweden and competence in how to communicate your work through digital channels.

Wieslawa Tokarska is a trained seamstress and for 20 years she has had her own sewing studio for women’s clothing in Poland. There she designed and sewed party dresses, wedding dresses and clothes for dance competitions. She has been knitting and crocheting since primary school.


Over the years, she combined sewing with traditional craft techniques and new designs, in the beginning as a hobby and eventually as a versatile, artistic profession. Wieslawa is today retired and a well-known expert in various traditional craft techniques. She teaches women in Poland and in Sweden craft techniques, e.g. how to work with felt, silk, lace, embroidery, stones and pearls, teach how to make scarves in felt and silk from delicate Australian merino wool, blouses, jackets and bags. She also creates different types of jewelry.

Another of her interests is to make greeting cards for different occasions, using different techniques such as pergamano and quilling. Her great passion is Polish pearl embroidery and “frywolitka” or tatting (lace crochet) with a needle that in the past could only be made by rich women.

Wieslawa herself says that she creates every work with joy that comes from the depths of her heart.

In the project, Wieslawa will lead a workshop where participants can learn how to create their own piece of jewelry from felt and stones. More about the event on Facebook



Creative Waves- Baltic Sisterhood of change 
Empowering women in the Baltic Sea Region by meeting traditional crafts, local traditions and customs etc with the digital modern world and its demands for change is our goal.  Women active in knitting, weaving, storytelling, herb gathering or traditional cooking gather online with creative and digital women experts to get more confidence, show their achievements and learn about the digital world and tools to help them function in the COVID times and beyond. They also meet at international events (online and in flesh) to exchange experience, learn, even more, look together for Baltic traditions and identity. Hopefully in arranging the events while implementing the project its partners will bring together more experienced women and the youth as well as migrant women – to enrich the exchange and help participants be more rooted, open and self-assured. The project is also to help learn about and implement EU key policies like EU Green Deal, European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and UN Sustainable Development Goals. 
The project partners under the leadership of Intercult Productions in Stockholm are: Baltic Sea Culture Centre in Gdańsk, Association of Polish Communes Euroregion Baltic, Estonian Women’s Studies and Resource Centre (ENUT) and a team of women activists from Kaliningrad Oblast. The project lasting from September 2021 to September 2022 is co-finessed by the Council of the Baltic Sea States Small Project Facility