As a part of the international project Creative Waves – Baltic Sisterhood of Change Intercult, representing Sweden and is lead partner in the project, hosted a workshop on May 21 2022 led by Josefin Holmström and Pixie Hård av Segerstad. The participants gathered at Intercults office in Södermalm in Stockholm to learn more about how digital tools and social media can affect and contribute to the creation of crafts. 

  • The workshop began with a presentation by Halina Bartoszek-Rosa, talking about her knowledge and experience of creating digital magazine, publications, books and webpages. 

The creation of web pages, blogs and Social media. The best method to spread your art doesn’t only mean creating a webpage or store, but also to blog. To blog is the most important thing you can do on your webpage to create integrated web pages and not just dormant internet pages.
Halina Bartoszek-Rosa, 2022.05.21



Today more and more jobs and opportunities are conveyed through digital channels, amplifying the importance of marketing and the personal brand.
Josefin Holmström and Pixie Hård av Segerstad have studied and now work with communication in the cultural sector. During this workshop they gave examples of how to market your crafts and which digital tools and platforms are available for both beginners and experienced users.

With the social and digital platforms Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook you as creator get the opportunity to communicate with potential customers. In the long run you can build up a loyal following that can tell their friends about your crafts! During the workshop the participants were given multiple tips on what to consider when market and communicate your brand and crafts.

Collected tips:  

  • Eye catching profile
    Make sure that your profile, picture and text include what’s important for yourself and your target demographic.
    A customer should quickly get a idea of who you are and your craft.
  • Be personal
    Do not create posts solely focusing on what you offer. Rather create a deeper relationship and community with your followers and potential customers through posts telling more about yourself. 
  • Consistent updates
    To increase the likelihood that your page and your posts show up in searches you should create a schedule over who often and when to publish new posts – be active!
  • Be patience
    The key to success on these platforms is the building of relationships and those take time to build up. Don’t give up if the start is slow, just keep up building up the relationships with your audience


Digital knowledge become more and more essential.
The potential digital tools give you as a creative creator is very high. In a time when more and more take part of content and shop digitally, through serious online platforms, the opportunities for you as a creator to network and promote yourself, your competence and your digital creating. 

Creative Waves have as a goal to give the participants in the project a sense of identity, belonging and provide them with skills relevant for employment. Due to that these workshops, arranged by Intercult, focused on bringing together traditional social relationships and cultural activities with the current demand for innovative digital and cultural tools. After the workshop the participating women, working with different kinds of crafts, created multiple new social media profiles. We at Intercult look forward to continued work and competence growth on how digital tools impact and can contribute positively to the cultural and creative sector. 


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