Corners Chapter 5 – Participation


Audience participation has been at the heart of CORNERS, not only during the presentation, but also as a part of our co-creations. Our unique model of production and the presentation of artworks in public and unusual spaces provoked this participation at a local level and drew threads between remote places on the edges of Europe. [...]

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Corners Chapter 4 – Co-creations


From the beginning, CORNERS set out to collect stories from one part of the Europe and tell them in another. The research & development period focused on devising and producing new collaborative artistic projects. We produced 16 CORNERS artworks which we preferred to call co-creations. CORNERS co-creations are not finished artefacts, but rather open structures [...]

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Corners Chapter 3 – Research and Development


Approaching the vast territory of Europe, especially given our interest in its outer regions and corners, required a research period – time that would allow us to discover what makes these remote places special, and the topics that connect them. Read more about our research method in Chapter 3 of The Story of Corners!

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Corners Chapter 2 – Facts and numbers


CORNERS brought many people together around the same goal: co-creating and presenting art in the corners of Europe. We visited many places that sit either geographically, politically or socially on the edges of the continent. Firstly, through our research and development period, and then through our production and presentation period, we met many beautiful people whose [...]

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