Felice Hapetzeder, visual artist (SWEDEN)

I Love You (PDF)

Felice Hapetzeder is an artist with MFA degree from the Fine Arts department at Konstfack College of Art, Crafts and Design in 2002. Much of his work can be read as expressing a marginal voice, an independent channel outside the dominant narratives; subtly questioning cultural heritage production and manipulation of collective memory and oblivion. He works both independently and in collaboration with others; interested in the border between documentary storytelling and dramatization or learning as artistic expression. Hapetzeder also works as an independent manager of art projects, often by way of international exchanges and as an art educator. He is the founder of Samtidskonst i Bro – Contemporary art in Bro community 2017 to current, part of the video art exchange and development project Carousell 2013-2018, a part of the artist duo Local A. 2008-2017 and one of the initiators of ak28 independent art space in Stockholm 2003-2008.

Exhibitions and screenings include: 2020: Wishful Images at Moving Image Research Centre (MIRC), University of East London. Artist in Hospital commission, Gävle. 2019: MIT Museum, Cambridge Community Television, Cambridge. Now&After, CCI Fabrica, Moscow. Tegen2, Stockholm. Ifö Center Konsthall, Bromölla. Wishful Images, 51zero Festival, Canterbury. Samples #7 Mexico. Stuttgarter Filmwinter. The City Shines Everyday With New Stories, curated by Abir Boukhari, All Art Now. 2018: Oberhausen Short Film Festival. TBCTV at Somerset House, London. FOKUS Video Art Festival Copenhagen. 2017: A Video Art History, Galleri 54 Gothenburg. The Promise, Index, Stockholm. Mouth Shut Loud Shouts, Marabouparken, Stockholm. Athens Digital Art Festival 2016: Husby konsthall. Haninge konsthall. 1st Community Arts Triennial Finland. 2015: Black Sesame Space, Institute for Provocation, Beijing. Skånes Konstförening, Malmö. Imago Mundi, Luciano Benetton Collection, Palazzo Cini, Venice. Les Rencontres Internationales, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin.


Felices project for Connecting Georgia//Tidsflanörerna (time strollers) JAG ÄLSKAR MIG

Felice Hapetzeder is interested in the time just when photography developed into moving image and wants to inspire confidence with the work “I love me” where images are put together with inspiration from Georges Demeny’s “Je vous aime” – a photographic-educational experiment from 1891. Demeny, with teary eyes, tried to stare straight into the sun so that the camera could expose a photo with every lip movement while he was saying “I love you”. The resulting prints were to be used as a tool for the hearing impaired. The photographic film’s need for light was great at the time, hence the peculiar method. The educational result wasn’t a success, but the experiment became an important step towards moving image, an area Hapetzeder studies in experiments bordering on pedagogy, photography and sculpture.
Hapetzeder’s version “I love me” changes the words of Demeny and encourages collaborators to focus on themselves. The image sequences are put up at the sides of the boardwalk in the fashion of street art stickers, one of the languages of a city, a subtle transgression of genres by itself. Collaborators pose in these diminutive monuments.

Felice Hapetzeder is interested in the aesthetics and social context of creative practice. His methods span across video art, installation, sculpture, workshop-performance and photography.