Levan Tsulukidze was born in Batumi (Georgia) in 1969. He attended University in Tbilisi in 1993. Levan was fascinated and interested in various art forms since childhood. Although he has no official education in Painting, he started to present himself in art with his paintings. His first exhibition was in 1994 in Batumi – Group exhibition ‘NEW GENERATION” of Batumi based artists.  In parallel to painting, Levan started his own music program in local Radio. Later he continued work at Ajara TV too, where he created various video arts.

In late 90’s Levan moved to Tbilisi where he continued work in art sphere (Paintings, music etc.).  In 2004 he returned in Batumi and together with his friends / musicians he formed Music band (rock/industrial) – NIJARA, which held various concerts, and musical / poetic performances related to ongoing challenges and problematics of city life. He founded Music Festival “NEW WAVE” which presented to audience alternative, indie music bands and was contributing to developing alternative music culture in Batumi (and in Georgia in general. In 2006, Levan created Music Composition (kind of revolution hit) – “Revolution – Batumi heartbeat” dedicated to 2 year anniversary of demolition of autocratic regime in Ajara region. This song became very popular.

In 2008, Levan gradually was interested in animation and independently learned animation creating / video editing and started to create Vide arts / Animations based on music composed by him.  These animations were show on TV, presented on various festivals and performances.   Meanwhile, Levan created two new musical projects – alternative/punk Bands – SANDINO  and GAGARIN 16- and was organizing concerts, performances etc.

Levan had several exhibitions in Batumi and Tbilisi in recent years. He was a part of  group exhibition of Georgian artists “Alternative Walls” in Italy (2018). One of his recent performance was held at Batumi contemporary center – “Batumi BEAT – urbanization and litter-bin” , dedicated to changing urban landscape of a city. He will have his personal exhibition in Geneve (Switzerland), which is postponed due to pandemic situation to 2021.

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