Jonas Myrstrand has worked since 1990 as a film director and Managing Director at Studio Jox in Gothenburg. Master in film, Filmcurator. He been a guest teacher at the University of Halmstad, University of Skövde, and JMG (Journalist Highshool) and is Artistic Leader of Gothenburg Folkhighshool on Film Production Education. Jonas is also chairman of Film Epidemin – a cluster with 10 film-related companies at GothenburgFilmStudios. As a film-maker, he has made 25 movies over 25 years for screen, TV and festivals including artworks, commercials, documentaries, and fictions. Jonas has produced several web-apps on cultural heritage for museums and now a major VR-project on Gothenburg Shipyards in 3D and Virtual reality Project Vinjet.
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Films made by Jonas Myrstrand:

Memory of Water Long film (84 min)

(English) Memory of Water – Artists (2 mins)

(Swedish) Memory of Water – Artists (2 mins)


Govan Part I (12 min)

Stockholm film (12 min)

OSTEND, Belgium Kick Off (3 min)

Govan Part II (10 min) 

Gdańsk (22 min)

Levadia (14 min)

Connecting Georgia – STHLM & BATUMI (4 min)

Artistic event in Stockholm- Tidsflanörerna (5 min)

Short trailers:

MOW TRAILER (Official) 2 min

Levadia TRAILER (1 min)

Gdansk TRAILER (1 min)

Govan TRAILER (1 min)

 TRAILER MIX (5 min)

Intercult’s CEO Iwona Preis words on collaborating with Jonas Myrstrand:

Inviting Jonas Myrstrand from Studio Jox in Gothenburg to Memory of Water is an encouraging story of how collaborations are born. Me and Jonas met at a seminar about building partnerships in European projects which I was invited to lead an autumn day 2017 in Gothenburg. We started to chat about his work with the shipyard of Lindholmen, films, VR, digital shipyard museum he was about to create. I was on my way to the European Culture Forum in Milano, and well there Jonas was also among participants. He took the networking really seriously, immediately getting to know people from Gdansk, from BSCC and River//Cities, and of course learned the settings of Creative Europe. With the project idea in mind, I suddenly realized that this is the artists to connect to the project we were creating with both skills in filmmaking and knowledge about the past and the presence of waterfronts in both Gothenburg and Stockholm. Jonas has been following the project as a member of the artists team from the start in July 2018. Ostend in Belgium was the first gathering place, artists and partners still not being sure about the tools to be thoroughly developed during the coming 24 months, still establishing new relations in the wintery surroundings of a beautiful seafront and warming hands with mulled wine at the opening of the Christmas market.

Encouraged by the generous hospitality of Martine Meire, gathering energy to invest time into the collaboration, we were slowly coming into the mood of a lot but fascinating work with Memory of water. With Jonas around the Swedish team was complete, a project coordinator and a film maker, a perfect match. Jonas as artists and Jonas documenting the process, also a perfect match. Always with a huge pro camera on the shoulder, running the small paths of the embarkment of Erkyna in Levadia, slapping in puddles along with the Georgian film team in the old Shipyard of Gdansk, hiding from sudden rains in Govan and adding a most professional artist eye-view on catching the waterfront cultural heritage in Stockholm. That creative walking resulted in an extensive documentary of European artistic encounters in cities and places we had a privilege to visit IRL or virtually, experience and remember. All people and places are well documented by Jonas Myrstrand, and we welcome you on a trip to memories of water.”

Read more about Jonas Myrstrands work in the memory of water project on Memory of Water‘s webpage.