Oskar Gudéhn is a musician (currently studying at Skeppsholmens Folkhögskola, Stockholm, 2019-2021) and architect (Masters Degree from The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, 2014) from Sweden.

He enjoys interdisciplinary art work, connecting and playing with multiple concepts, senses and media. His main interests of investigation are the relation between Self and Other and the mystical act of feeling.

Oskar Gudéhn has worked with architecture and art in different forms and through different practices as artist, participant, assistant.

He started doing music in 2016 when he bought his first keyboard. He describes his musical practise as still very experimental and curious; drawn to themes of contrast, sensitivity, the uncanny and weird, the human and non-human.

Oskars project for Connecting Georgia//Tidsflanörerna (time strollers): ONLY WHAT IS LOST CAN BE FOUND

Creation Cermony- Cermony for transfer of this body, from the self, to the emptiness-

“One explanation that I have heard is that noise sounds have a calming effect on mammals, is that they are reminding of the sound of lying in their mother’s womb. The wind in the trees, the sound of rushing water or rain, adults hugging their children to rest. The fetal fluid is still singing in my ears. Memories from before I was born remaining in my body. The more I think about it, the stronger the dizziness. When did I become I? What am I? And where do I end and where do YOU start? The questions are with me all the time. The answers often manifest themselves as a great emptiness. A non – self. I look around, look for reflections in society, want to meet in the no man’s land where self- image ends. But the soft and elusive never scream the loudest. Identity consumption screams from billboards and shops. The echo spreads like rings on the water; desperate we want to make an impression; manifest an I; exist; shout:” I am! I am important and I am unique!” I am tired of ME. I want to destroy and ridicule this desperate focus on individuals. I am more than I, I am the void in which I was created. I am the fetal fluid and the cosmic sound. I am the no man´s land. I am you and we are all the emptiness. Maybe it´s a pointless fight. Maybe the prison walls are too high and the dream of freedom is all a lie. But the struggle is still the struggle. We fight, then we die”

” With this background I want to invite you all to participate in my Creation Ceremony. With breathing, silence, listening and sounds, we will create the space where the no-man´s land between the Self and the You is erased. This is the ceremony I created to symbolically hand over this body from the SELF to the EMPTINESS.”