SIMKA is the project name for the visual artists Simon Häggblom and Karin Lind’s shared artistic activities. Through SIMKA we combine our knowledge and skill from visual art, set design and landscape architecture.

The core of our work is the investigation and formation of different spaces and sites for human interaction. Informed by the tensions between urbanity and nature, as well as the fictional and the habitual world. The pieces are more or less permanent, located in the gaps, the solitary or disintegrated spaces of the public or private sphere.

SIMKA was formed 17 years ago and has produced a number of large public commissions and exhibitions, in the last years; Gallery Noass, Riga LV -S.P.Gallery, Stockholm,SWE -Galerie HilbertRaum, Berlin -Katrineholms konsthall, SWE, -MU gallery Helsinki, -Korsbarsgarden konsthall, Gotland and Luleå konsthall, SWE. Participatory artproject, Floating Trunks, for European Culture cities2014 Umeå, Riga and Pori – Stegen, City of Västervik, SWE, Trollbuller& Trollbollar, Municipality of Härryda, SWE – Pärlanistjärnan, City of Tranås, SWE -Wonderland, at the penitentiary institution Hall in Södertälje (Public art agency Sweden), The song of the forest, Igelstaverket, Södertälje (Söderenergi Kraftvärme AB), Les Trois Mages, outside Notre dame in Reims for the festival Reims Scénes d’Europe, France. 

Set Design for Plateau Effect, As It Empties Out and Protagonist for choreograph Jefta van Dinther trough Cullberg, Tanzquartier in Vienna and Staatsballett-Berlin 

Their current work includes 10 films under the title True Colors. Based on documented performances in nature.

Also ongoing 3D textile project with local participants on Björkö, Åland FI  

Within the organisation Corners of Europe 

2014-17 SISTER OF ANOTHER MAMA Cornersprojekt -performance.workshops  in coop with  Mila Pavicevic, Croatia and Joseba Irazoki, Spanien. 

      – 14 San Sebastian, Spain och Puglia, Italy – 15 Haninge kulturhus, SE – 

       Belfast Festival, Irish arts council, GB – Docufest Prizren, Kosovo 

      – 16 Belgrad Vranje- REX & 848 Serbien – Rijeka, Drugo more, Croatia

      Donostia/San Sebastian – EU capital of culture, SP – 17 Taranto, Italy

Karin Lind has also a career as set designer for theater and dance with over 100 productions the past 20 years.

Simon Häggblom also as landscape and garden designer in 40 years.

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SIMKAS project for Connecting Georgia// Tidsflanörerna (Time Strollers):  FÅFÄNGAN/VANITY

To manifest our ability to overabundance. Malmgårdens owners in the middle of the 18th century wanted to show their greatness by building a park on barren land at the top of the hill. The site of the former defence facility, Skans. In a similar way, we want to create a design based on a white sheet/ whiteboard that is currently produced in Malmgårdens main building. A modern material and concept that offers the opportunity for idea-based communication. In the past, the site Tegelviken was a shipyard environment that created physical opportunities for communication over the sea. Today, the port consists of a terminal for goods and necessary travel between countries but also as a port for giant cruise ships for travels for enjoyment. The ships reach the height of” Fåfängan” and have a similar function of manifestation. Vanity manifested in modern times.

Tucked between these giants, the landscaped Fåfängan with bowers and plantations as well as giant cruise ships, the building of Malmgården is like a relic from the past. It is a hub for culture and communication, and houses activities that are cultural. Studios for actors, the Palestine group, photographers, music, and the production of Wallrite (whiteboards). SIMKA wants to communicate this and the place through performance with, among other things, a designed whiteboard wall that walks in the area. It moves between Malmgården and the pedestrian bicycle tunnel under Värmdöleden.