Sofia Romberg (FIN.87) has a Bachelor from Stockholm Academy of Dramatic arts in Set Design. She has been freelancing in different collaborations since then and worked for institutions like Riksteatern, Uppsala Stadsteater, MDT and Inkonst.
She enjoys mixing genres and to re- and mis-use things already there; digital archives, found objects and stories.
She has just attended the 5-year program at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm.
Sofias project for Connecting Georgia// Tidsflanörerna (Time strollers): Flanören

Idea sketch: “strollers”: strolling means” wandering around”, like our process so far though not as unplanned and thoughtless as the word refers to. For me, being in motion is also a metaphor or a whisper to the constant flow of the water. The constant movement also brings your thoughts to modernity and the modern life with movement at all points of life that becomes a religion.

Question: Who has the time and takes the time to” stroll” today? What arises in such quiet/ peaceful act along a site that makes noises, grows and crack? What do we” see”? What do we” hear”? How can our different views meet and gather in one shape? How can we expand, promote, challenge” our” ways of seeing with help from various media and actions?

Method and idea:

– chose a distance along the water, at least 3 km.

– the walk will be performed x number of times per day for 3 hours.

Every walk is performed with a social focus and documentation form. For example: Field recording, interviews/ conversations with people passing by, walking backwards, take notes, Photo/film.

I would like together most of the documentation a visual digital collection where the text based material makes the frame for a fictional stroller’s observations of this walk/ environment. A type of reverse performance lecture where live elements is the actual walking. This film is then shared during the Performance 25/10.