Dina Abu Hamdan: The HUG

The choreography movement choir ‘HUG’, is based on the need to reconstruct and recreate our daily routines, our connections to each other and the spaces we live in.
A large crowd of children, youth, municipality and local organizations’ employees come together in their own soundscape bubble, yet collectively feel each other’s movement in an open public space. Being split between the individual and the collective need, reflecting on the fear of a crowd in a pandemic and the need of the human collective encounter.
The public is invited to experience the HUG silently or following the music, visually live or online.
The project is produced by the municipality of Ringkøbing Skjern in West Jutland – Denmark with the support of the Danish Kunstfond as part of 100 days of culture and sport.
The HUG is a touring project that aims to visit many cities and bring citizens together. 

Choreography: Dina Abu Hamdan
Music: Basil Hogios