Intercult,  invites you to a workshop, within the Theater in Palm project, led by Elin Hilläng. The workshop “Managing Auditions in a Digital World” will guide the participants to explore how the performing arts can use film, video calls and self-tapes during the audition process.

Managing auditions in a digital world

27 March  2023 // 10.00-16.00

Nytorgsgatan 15A, Stockholm


We are living in a digital world. Video calls and self-tapes open doors to remote auditions, both nationally and internationally. In this workshop we will explore how the performing arts can use film, video calls and self-tapes during the audition process.


A self-tape is a filmed audition that the actor sends to the casting director instead of auditioning physically on site. We will discuss about how you can prepare and film a shorter dialogue, use counter-readers and portrait sequences in the scene in the limited space that self-tapes provide the conditions for. After that, we will experiment with filmed sequences within the participants’ own performing arts areas, and try doing the audition digitally over video calls. In which ways can the film industry inspire you in your work?



  • You will use your own mobile phones during the filming, so make sure they have enough space, they are charged and you have your mobile charger with you.
  • Bring your laptop to Day 2 when we explore video calling.



  • When you are registered, you will be given a dialogue to prepare for day 1. Learn the lines, and follow the instructions to analyze the dialogue.
  • Prepare your own material in your own performing arts area for day 2.


About the course leader

Elin Hilläng is a trained actor at The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. She works as a theatre pedagogue and film acting pedagogue, at the same time she freelances as an actor and runs the Uppsala-based non-profit theatre association “Teater Elin”. She is passionate about seeing her students grow and develop.

Approximate schedule:

Day 1:

At 11-12: Gathering, expectations, review of theory, division into groups.

At 12-12.30: Coffee break

At 12.30-2.30pm: Filming of self-tapes

At 14.30-15.00: Gathering, rounding up, review of preparations for day 2, possibly show something you worked on (if you want)


Day 2:

At 11-13: Gathering, today’s schedule, division into groups, experiment with filming your own material.

13.00-13.30: Coffee break

13.30-14.30: Try auditioning over video calls – choose whether you want to use the dialogue from day 1 or the own material you’ve worked with today.

14.30-15.00: Gathering, reflections, possibly show something you worked on (if you want)


Register now at, limited number of places!”