Anna Gerge

Sculpture in concrete with alabaster ballast
Borgmästargården, Vaxholm 2023.

A child, perhaps eight years old, sits in her raincoat. Maybe she dreams of the sea and of adventure. Of everything that is yet to come. Across which waters will she travel?

Perhaps she has gone fishing with her grandfather one day long ago or recently, and heard the stories of when the herring used to run.

The stories of the past shape the present. What we do today becomes our future.
Anna Gerge is a sculptor, painter and graphic designer who received her Phd in Art therapy in 2018 at Aalborgs University in Denmark. During Gerges career as an artist, she had separate exhibitions and participated in many collective exhibitions. Gerge is also an author and has written several books about meditation, creativity and psychotherapeutic work. Gerge tends to use seemingly banal and simple expressions to invite you as a viewer to look inside. She investigates and raises questions about human vulnerability and experience. 

Read more about Anna Gerge’s artistry here: https://gerge.se/ 

See the artist talk here: https://youtu.be/JzRnRWwQORQ 

Anna Gerge represents Vaxholm municipality in eyelander.