The Bridging Digital project, funded by Erasmus+, has received recognition for its “Good Practice”!

Led by Intercult in Sweden, with collaborative contributions from the Hellenic Adult Education Association in Greece, Instytut Kultury Miejskeij (IKM), and Fablevision in the UK, this initiative facilitated a dynamic interchange of knowledge among the creative, educational, and technical sectors.

The project was a combination of learning digital techniques as well as examining and creating new artistic formats where digital techniques will be an integrated part of the artwork.

The project  focused on innovating educator and artist training in digital production and art dissemination. The outcomes included a collection of case studies and an accessible handbook, derived from key insights within these studies. Combining the diverse skill sets of participating countries in arts/culture, adult/non-formal education, and training, the project aimed to inspire new digital skills for all.

Within the collaborative framework, each partner delved into various facets of digital technology, including Projection Mapping, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Podcasts, Animation, and Film and Theatre.

Participants gained technical proficiency in using digital tools to enhance artistic and educational practices. These activities collectively served as a practical learning toolkit with real-life examples at the crossroads of arts, adult education, and digital technology, catering to both educators and artists.


You can read the ingredients book HERE



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