(Photo by Mohammad Metri on Unsplash)

Bridging Digital is a cooperative European Erasmus + project focusing on innovative practises and enhancing the digital skills in the creative and informal education sectors. The partnership consists of four organisations from Greece, Poland, Scotland, and Sweden.

The overall aim is to create a cross-learning between the creative-, the educational- and the technical sectors. The project is a combination of learning digital techniques as well as examining and creating new artistic formats where digital techniques will be an integrated part of the artwork.

In Bridging Digital organisations from the cultural sector will cooperate with artists, multimedia experts and teachers in adult education to create a new methodology for using multimedia and digital techniques to create new art forms and to enhance the digital competence in the creative sector.

Last September (2021) Bridging Digital project partner City Culture Institute (Instytut Kultury Miejskiej), or CCI for short, invited librarians to a meeting to learn about their needs in the area of ​​new technologies. During the meeting Dr Natalia Brylowska (Observatory of Culture, IKM) led a short session and a conversation with the participants. And Karina Rojek (Medialab Gdańsk, IKM) presented several activities based on the ideas of reuse and open culture implemented by IKM, of whether and in what variants it’s possible to implement elsewhere and what resources and tools are necessary. The conclusions of the meeting will be used to develop activities that will meet the current demand for training, support, consultations, etc.

The end goal is to teach librarians how to produce podcasts, as a means to deepen the contact with their audience and to popularise reading. During a workshop they will learn how to make an audio recording by themself, using the available, open tools, and get experience in how to use a microphone in a room specifically designed for recordings. 

You can read more about CCI and their part in Bridging Digital on their website