När havet tar över
Jan Manker

“When the sea takes over”
Nykvarn 2023

Choice of Cultural Heritage
“When I received an invitation in the autumn of 2022 to participate in the Eyelander project, it turned out that I had already created several artworks in my series “When the Sea Takes Over” that fit into this project. These included the images “Forest Fish,” “Aquarium Nykvarn,” and “Land in Sight.” I then created a new artwork titled “Nykvarn Towards the Colors of the Rainbow” (Swedish: “Nykvarn mot regnbågens färger”)  that more explicitly relates to Nykvarn Municipality, which consists of Turinge, Taxinge, and Nykvarn. These images depict a vision of the future that extends many years ahead. However, it should be noted that Nykvarn has long been submerged underwater.

All the images feature Nykvarn motifs that hold cultural value or are worth remembering. Cultural heritage, however, is not just about buildings; it encompasses our entire environment, our history, and, most importantly, our language. The images are digital works printed on canvas and stretched on wooden frames.”
Jan Manker is a painter and graphic artist born in Stockholm in 1941. He is educated at Stockholm University and at Konsthögskolan (School of Art), and has later worked as a teacher at Konstfack (Sweden’s largest university for arts, crafts and design). He was also involved in creating and running Grafikens Hus. Mankar has worked with most materials and techniques that 2D-art can offer during his career, and has been involved with the rise of digital graphics since the 90s. He has had his own exhibitions at (among others) Konstakademien (the Academy of Arts), Konstens Hus Luleå (the House of Arts) and Malmö Konsthall (Malmö Art Gallery) and has produced a large number of works for schools, hospitals and other public environments. Many of Jan Mankers works concern temporality. Photography, painting and prints are layered like sediment, traces of past, present and future. At the same time, there is a randomness that gives the images certain independence and a life of their own.

Read more about Jan Manker’s artistry here: http://manker.se/ 

Jan Manker represents Nykvarn municipality in eyelander.

See artitist talk here: https://youtu.be/3nYyRBgMwls 

Photo of Jan: Sven Johansson, 2014