Jonna Kina 

Photo: Jonna Kina
Huddinge 2023

3023 is an audio work by the artist Jonna Kina that takes place in Huddinge Church, with its historical and ecological dimensions, and the wind as an essential part of the climate as a starting point.

Curtains interpret the language of the wind – Walter Benjamin

It is said that the wind can carry messages and that it can speak. It is an energy that is increasingly used to sustain our way of life. It is naturally created by the different regional temperatures that result in varying pressures, setting the air in motion parallel to the Earth’s surface. In Jonna Kina’s “3023,” the specific dynamics of the wind are revived in a concert for a percussionist. The piece serves as a kind of map of the constant change and infinite variations played by the wind.

The composition is based on a meticulous transcription of a random fragment of wind interacting with a familiar object commonly found on a porch or in a garden – a wind chime with six metal tubes. In a way, the work is an intentionally failed attempt to depict nature. And in that sense, it is a tribute to nature. The language of the wind is translated into the language of music – a score. The translation process gives back the strikes of a gust of wind in a similar but different form. For a musician, this piece is a challenge because it is nearly impossible to precisely reproduce the tones of a percussion instrument.

“3023” creates an imaginary soundscape, and as the title suggests, a futuristic one. By focusing on an essential part of the climate – the wind – the piece raises questions about our relationship with the future and the future climate, linked to our past actions.

Huddinge Church is one of Huddinge’s oldest buildings and landmarks. The church and Fullersta Manor have a partially shared history, and one of Fullersta Manor’s goals is to generate public engagement with Huddinge’s cultural heritage. The history of this building, dating back almost 1000 years, and stories of changing ecology in the vicinity inspired Jonna Kina to invite others to be humble in the face of this millennia-long perspective of human activity interacting with nature and to reflect on the future.

Sound Walks
Fullersta Manor (gård) organizes sound walks where registered participants take a walk and collectively listen to a binaural recording in the church. The sound walk connects the two historical sites, Fullersta Manor and Huddinge Church.

Dates for the sound walks: Sunday, June 18th at 3:00 PM, Friday, June 30th at 3:00 PM, and Sunday, July 9th at 3:00 PM. Limited number of spots available. Registration via email to kristina.lindemann@huddinge.se.

Jonna Kina is a multidisciplinary artist working in Helsinki. Her work explores the boundaries between reality and the artificial, between the viewer and the work of art, and the ability of sound to be translated into other sensory impressions. Jonna Kina is educated at the Finnish Academy of Art and Aalto University, New York’s School of Visual Arts and the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. Her work has been exhibited in museums in Japan, Estonia, Germany and the USA and her films have been awarded several prizes, including Best Nordic Short Film by Nordisk Parorama. The municipality of Huddinge works with the right to mother tongue and language support for the large scale of Swedish-Finnish residents in the area. This part of Eyelander brings to mind the network of relationships that spans the Öster(Väster)sjön, invisible but highly palpable.

Read more about Jonna Kina’s artistry here: https://www.jonnakina.com/

Jonna Kina represents Huddinge municipality in eyelander.

See artist talk here: https://youtu.be/95r0jkXx5-4 

Fullersta Gård, Huddinge Municipality                                    Huddinge church as place, without tower from 1865