Jonas Myrstrand has worked since 1990 as a film director and Managing Director at Studio Jox in Gothenburg. Master in film, Filmcurator. He been a guest teacher at the University of Halmstad, University of Skövde, and JMG (Journalist Highshool) and is Artistic Leader of Gothenburg Folkhighshool on Film Production Education. Jonas is also chairman of Film Epidemin – a cluster with 10 film-related companies at GothenburgFilmStudios. As a film-maker, he has made 25 movies over 25 years for screen, TV and festivals including artworks, commercials, documentaries, and fictions. Jonas has produced several web-apps on cultural heritage for museums and now a major VR-project on Gothenburg Shipyards in 3D and Virtual reality Project Vinjet. Read more here.




Ongoing realities (OR) is an exploratory choreographic approach investigating the relationship and creative possibilities when merging dance and choreography with various digital technologies. OR is led by choreographers Anna Näsström and Johan Bandholtz and they produce performances for stage and site specific places and work with analogue and digital technologies such as XR, Motion Capture, Animation and Virtual Reality. OR and has established collaboration partners in animation,

programming, sound design, freelance dancers and costume designers.

In the fall of 2022, Ongoing Realities won the “Excellence In Performance” award for the performance “o n e – a choreographic installation and performance” at the Stockholm Fringe Festival. This year they hold the year-long incubator residency at SITE, the Powerhouse for Dance and Performing Artists in Farsta where they also premiere, on June 16 2023, their upcoming performance with the working title “[e s c]”, with support from the City of Stockholm and the Swedish Arts Council’s restart support. Read more here



Adam Wittsell is the creative leader and founder of Superficial Machines, a collective of artists, club organizers, and designers that are exploring how avatars, web3, and a metaverse layer to IRL music experiences can be

used to improve the everyday conditions of club & festival organizers.

Superficial Machines originated in Sweden and

began as an organic network of friends, former coworkers, and party acquaintances. They are a creative collective determined to build a global grass-roots network that opens pathways for more shared music experiences that explore the aesthetics of being together, connected via digital media. The project results from conversations about improving the everyday conditions of those organizing the underground clubs we all enjoyed, our social fabric, and the desire to use these spaces for artistic expression. Read more here