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New Nordic Voices are an initiative created by ACT (Afro-Cosmopolite Thespians) in Denmark. ACT is Denmark’s first global theatre/artistic organization and was formed through 2015 by a group of international artists.

New Nordic Voices presents the visibility of Nordic minorities through exploring selected theatre works of Nordic icons and juxtaposing them alongside Global south icons. The aim is to build networks and collaborations between Nordic minority artists and create plays with working groups consisting of Nordic artists with diverse backgrounds.

With support from Nordic Culture Point and in collaboration with Intercult and Caisa (Finland), New Nordic Voices has produced “For colored girls” (2018) a 1970’s classic by Ntozake Shange in juxtaposing with “A workers Wife” by the classic Finnish playwright Minna Canth. The play is a story about seven women’s experiences of oppression in a racist and sexist society and is a combination of poetry, drama, music and dance.

“For colored girls” is the first production of New Nordic Voices and had premiere in Helsinki, Finland in March 2019. With subsequent performances in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo through out 2019.

ACT – New Nordic Voices, Denmark
Cultural Centre Caisa, Finland

With support from
City of Stockholm
Embassy of Denmark in Stockholm
Helsinki municipality
Arts Council Norway

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