Welcome to our online Nordic Talk about culture and sustainability!
The purpose of this talk is to make the theme of culture and sustainability more tangible, and to inspire not only people in the cultural sector but everyone interested in culture and the role of art in society.
Invited Speakers
– Germaine Sanders (NL) – Artist Urbanist Futurist – Lecturer in Sustainable Urbanism design and strategy
– Ed Caroll (LT) – community artist
– Fred C. Sanders (NL) – Director of CPONH (a NGO supports civilian initiatives, where groups of citizens need facilitation to start-up and work out their societal initiative.)
– Iwona Preis (SE) – Director at Intercult and Smart Coop Sweden. President of European cultural network River//Cities Platform Foundation, board member of Kulturreservatets People University.
Conversation leader: Elisavet Papageorgiou (SE), Communication coordinator, Architect, Designer, Intercult
The event will be recorded and presented on Facebook.
“Art and culture challenge and develop us individuals and as a society and thereby help to promote a sustainable society.”
From cultural heritage to cultural and creative industries, culture is both an enabler and a driver of the economic, social, and environmental dimensions of sustainable development.
Questions that will be discussed:
– Why is culture and art important in sustainability and development of places?
– Can art and culture make the cities more open and accessible for anyone?
– How can the public get involved to promote a sustainable society?
Because #culture makes the difference