River//Cities Platform Foundation is looking to expand our devoted Board, which consists of voluntary Council members, to take on from AGM June 26th the work of developing our mission with culture on waterfronts of the cities for the best of their citizens and contribute with new energy to strategic development of the organization. We’re an international platform, representing cities with waterfronts, by the rivers, lakes, oceans, facing similar problems and issues, which recognize that culture is a driving force in development of urban waterfronts. Based in Poland, we work internationally in partnerships with NGO´s, public sector and Academia, fostering an environment of collaboration, dealing with climate- waterfront solutions, addressing climate change, contributing to the global efforts in creating sustainable historical, cultural and social waterfront environments.


If you’re interested in candidate to the Board and in helping to shape the next stages of our exciting journey: amplifying, celebrating and connecting the local to the international, we’d love to hear from you. Please send a few lines of interest, and your bio, to info@river-cities.net latest the 19th June.


We are also available for more information.