The theme for the 9th session of the course Create performing arts with VR was
behavior and storytelling in immersive VR and using social VR platforms with Josephine Rydberg who is business developer for cross media at Region Gävleborg and PhD student at Stockholm’s University of the Arts.In her research, she previously investigates behavior and storytelling in immersive VR. Using the social vr platforms for meetings and interactions feels almost “real” but with some significant shifts. Who are they, and how can we adapt the way we tell?

Josephine has her background from the Live culture and today she creates Live games for VR.
The focus of the day was how to create your own VR live.
The group tested to create a scenario for a VR-Live. Using VR-chat, which is an immersive social VR platform, you create your own avatar that acts in the game. As it subsides, you become freer from various markers that can be, for example, cultural or gender-related.
We discussed the possibilities and limitations of interacting as avatars.

In VR life, you start from a traditional dramaturgical model, but focus more on character development than on handling, because you build scenarios more than create an action in the game. We also discuss how to create a more interactive dramaturgy for participating audiences.
and cooperation in their game. A great day with new learnings!


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