Haninge Delikatesser



Haninge centrum 2023


Farvash designed several store signs in Haninge municipality during her youth and, through the Eyelander project, aimed to highlight her cultural heritage by preserving this sign using 3D scanning technology, as it may disappear during the expansion of Haninge Center.

The store “Haninge Delikatesser” is currently closed, but thanks to Farvash’s history and the now preserved artwork, the memory lives on and can be experienced by many more for a long time to come!
Farvash is a performance artist with a background in chemistry and materials science. Farvash studied at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology), Konstfack (Konstfack is a Swedish university within art, design and crafts)  and the Royal College of Art in London, and has taught both in London as well as at KTH and Konstfack in Sweden. Farvash has performed performance works at, among others, Fringe Festival Stockholm, RCA2020, Science museum in London and had an artist residency at Färgfabriken. In her art, Farvash works with what is called “in-betweenness” through mythological and technological perspectives. Deeply rooted in Persian mythology, history and ontology, her work explores issues such as constructed identity, immigration guilt and war trauma. Several of Farvash’s creations are as much technological advances as they are works of art.

Read more about Farvash’s artistry here: https://www.farvash.com/

Farvash represents Haninge municipality in eyelander.