We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of the first physical meeting of the E-ART project, led by Intercult and held in Stockholm, Sweden on January 24-25. The meeting took place at the premises of Intercult.

E-ART is a project dedicated to supporting artists in their environmental and sustainable transition and upskilling. We were honored to have experts from CUBE Non-Profit Organisation  (Greece), materahub  (Italy), Instruction and Formation  (Ireland), OECON GROUP (Bulgaria), and Espronceda  (Spain) join us.

The meeting involved a fruitful discussion about the current stage of the project’s development and potential topics for the training curriculum. All partners were introduced to the activities and financial requirements of the project.

A highlight of the meeting was a visit to Konstfack, Sweden ́s largest University of Arts, Craft and Design, known for innovative and high quality education. During this visit, Patrik Förberg get us a guided tour of the Konstfack CRAFT! programme and workshops. This enriching experience further fueled our commitment to the project.

At the E-Art project, our mission is to champion sustainability in the realm of art.

We underscore the importance of sustainability and climate protection, aspiring to leave a lasting impact through the introduction of innovative sustainable materials.

If you are a local or national stakeholder in social support or the arts sector, follow us on social media and stay tuned for more updates as we continue to work towards a sustainable future for the arts!