In the beginning of the project the partners conducted a national mapping of the needs and interest of their target groups regarding the use of Digital tools in their areas of work and interests. The results were gathered in a general report. Based on the results of the European mapping the partners had identified specific groups of artists and adult educators that they were interested in reaching for the next phase of the project. The learning needs of these groups have been identified and partners then developed case studies. In summary, most of the partners’ target groups used digital tools to some extent, but there is some variation in the specific tools and the type of organisation or institution using them. Among the included target groups, digital technology was most commonly used as a way to distribute material or as a way to connect with either an audience or consumers through social media or online meetings for the personnel. Most of the target groups have a very limited prior knowledge and competence regarding use of digital technology and many of them also lack enough resources to invest in necessary infrastructure etc to develop their use of digital technology. A common motivation for the target groups to use and expand their knowledge and competence in digital technology is the opportunity it provides to reach new groups of people. In the mapping the results are presented country by country.

Bridging Digital mapping