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Woven Network Nordics

Woven Network Nordics is a European project that highlights voices of women within urban spaces across three Nordic countries and examines womens’ experience as central to the European response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the course of nine months four artists from Sweden, Denmark and Norway take part in a dynamic online residency to deliver presentations, conversations and develop a digital exhibition. The project manager of Woven Network Nordics is Alice Máselníková, visual artist and curator.

The selected Woven Network Nordics artists are:
Brynhild Bye-Tiller (NO)
Dina Abu Hamdan (DK/JO)
Emma Hirsk (SE/IE)
Katarzyna Piórek (SE(PL)

The pandemic has brought into sharp focus the precarious situation faced by artists, cultural workers and women in essential socio-economic roles. On a broader scale the project reflects women’s roles that are currently undervalued and underpaid, with women under-represented politically, socially and economically. The artists have also a self-reflective role since artists represent one of the sectors most impacted by the pandemic; investigating how artists can cope with the precarious working conditions as an already underprivileged group. The Nordic artists will collaborate with the artists in partner countries in a virtual space, sharing ideas, stories and materials with each other and creating an inclusive, multi-disciplinary residency. The artworks created by the commissioned artists will highlight women’s varied and pivotal roles – from frontline sectors like health and education, to women’s care burdens within their own families. The final exhibition will be digitally presented in late autumn/winter 2021.

Woven Network Nordics is managed by Intercult and funded by the Nordic Culture Fund. The project is a continuation of the Ukraine-led Woven Network which took place in 2020 with artists from Scotland, Sweden and Ukraine, and was financed by the House of Europe Ukraine.

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For more information about Woven Network Nordics contact the project manager Alice Máselníková at alice@intercult.se/+ 46 728 492 989.


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