During November 2023, the Hybrid Residency of the project Theatre in Palm brought together 120 artists and their mentors to work and co-create 4 new performances around Europe.

The first day of our Theatre in Palm Hybrid residency in Stockholm set the stage for a magical experience. Under the guidance of our incredible mentor, Natalie Ringler, ten talented participants came together, discussed, improvised, and transformed into a strong, unified group. The excitement reached new heights when we virtually connected with 11 partner teams from all around Europe, bringing together 120 artists, mentors, and TIP coordinators. The energy was palpable, and the experience was truly fantastic.


Photos: Intercult team

The first week unfolded as an extraordinary journey, filled with improvisation, discussion, movement, thought-provoking moments, performances, captivating sounds, virtual meetings, in-person connections, laughter, dance, and the joy of sharing. This Theatre in Palm experience aims to develop resilience in the face of lockdowns or social upheaval, adapting to the technological changes in the world and maintaining the essence of live theatre in a hybrid world.

  Photos: William C. Woxlin
Photos: Intercult team

Sweden (Intercult) collaborated with Greece and Finland as a trio during the second week. Swedish participants traveled to Turku and Greece, meeting their online partners physically. Simultaneously, 10 participants from the Greek and Finnish teams joined in Stockholm, showcasing incredible talent, creativity, and teamwork. Their performance was astonishing.

Photos: Intercult team

During these two weeks, our participants in Stockholm worked at Den Fantastiska Platsen, a beautiful venue in Södermalm. The gallery exhibited the work of Erik Linghede, adding an inspiring backdrop to the residency. The participants, after an orientation meeting, delved into discussions, performances, tests, and exploration at Den Fantastiska Platsen, discovering “surprise” elements left by the Swedish team for them to incorporate into their work.

On November 17th, the culmination of the 2-week hybrid residency took center stage as 120 artists from 12 European countries performed live on screens across the continent. From Brussels to Reggio Emilia, the theme of the residency centered on the environmental impact and the tragic story of Antigone. The artists showcased multiple ways to incorporate movement, text, music, video, and materials into their online performances, demonstrating a remarkable fusion of creativity and technology. Did you miss the performance? A recording is available here.


We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in making this Theatre in Palm experience a reality. The collaborative spirit, dedication, and talent of all participants, mentors, and coordinators were instrumental in creating a memorable and impactful residency. As we look forward to the next Theatre in Palm events, we remain inspired by the possibilities of cross-cultural collaboration and the resilience of the theatre community in adapting to the evolving world of the performing arts.

The Swedish team:
Martina Viglietti
William C. Woxlin
Max Nilén
Amelie Marmenlind
Benjamin Black
Sanna Allåker 
Jonatan Mattisson
Hanna Kisch
Babak Parham
Karolina Willebrand Vinnberg
The Finnish and Greek team visiting Stockholm:
Michail Karayiannis
Elpiniki Koukoura
Marina Zerdali
Katerina Kalentzi
Alexandros Rellos
Maria Mäkelä
Anne Seppänen
Anna Kopo
Ilana Palmgren
Lee Timjune
Swedish mentor: Natalie Ringler
Co-funded by Creative Europe