Actors within the free performing arts can gain access to and learn to use Virtual Reality in their productions!
Last week, Intercult organized a workshop in Gothenburg at Gothenburg Studios with our artistic director, film curator and immersive producer Jonas Myrstrand.
During two days, 3 participants from a theater group got to explore and learn the possibilities that VR/360 design can bring to the field of performing arts. By the end of the workshop, the participants had recorded scenes from their performance with an Insta360 camera and had also started editing the material via the associated app!
The team at Intercult want to show, through the Bridging Digital project, that VR technology does not have to be complicated, expensive or inaccessible – it can be used by those who work outside the large institutions.
We want to thank our fantastic participants and our leader Jonas Myrstrand for an educational workshop!
Here you can see pictures from the workshop days


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