Event: TIDSFLANÖRERNA (Time Strollers)

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Event on October 25th / 1pm-4pm TIDSFLANÖRERNA (Time Strollers) During the last month, five Stockholm based artists were researching the post industrial cultural heritage on waterfronts between Norra Hammarby, Tegelvikshamnen and Stadsgården which are undergoing a transformation process. By doing silent walks, raising questions and travelling back in history, they explored these areas from an [...]

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Artists to Connecting Georgia

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  One of 2020’s projects for us at Intercult is Connecting Georgia. Due to the current situation with COVID-19 pandemic, all abroad travel has been put on hold until things have calmed down. But we love the project so much we thought we’d share the talented artist’s who are participating! These artist’s are partnering with [...]

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Preserving the cultural heritage of the old city and seaside in Batumi

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Connecting Georgia (2019-2020) is an artistic project that aims at developing and discussing tools that can be helpful to tackle the challenges for sites with post-industrial cultural heritage. The project connects the city of Batumi with other european cities engaged in the Memory of Water Creative Europe EU project. From the last decade some [...]

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23 - 29 March 2020 Batumi, Georgia Connecting Georgia is an artist-led project exploring post-industrial waterfront heritage in the context of urban planning and community development. The project is connected to the Creative Europe funded project Memory of Water that gathers six partners in Europe and funded by the Swedish Institute, Third Country Participation in the Baltic Sea region. [...]