Transnational I_Improve Project Meeting (TM5)


On 07 July 2021 River//Cities Foundation hosted from Gdansk - on digital platform our last transnational (TM5) event which is closing our I_Improve project's chapter.   The meeting in Gdansk was focused on impact, dissemination and use of the project results. All the partners talked about the highlights of our activities over the project, rounded [...]

Transnational I_Improve Project Meeting (TM5)2021-09-17T11:13:51+00:00

Arts as a force for social change" – Dr t s Beall


Dr t's Beall is the Lead Artist for 'Woven in Govan', and was the lead Scottish artist for 'Woven Network' (2020),spanning five countries and led by Platform TU (Ukraine). Beall is a socially-engaged artist and researcher based in Dumfries and Glasgow, working with communities on durational projects to recover marginalised histories. Her work spans a [...]

Arts as a force for social change" – Dr t s Beall2021-09-14T21:05:32+00:00

Lia Ghilardi’s reflections on our webinar "Arts as a Force for Social Change"


Lia Ghilardi summarizes the methodology Intercult focused on in our process of finding and implementing a changemaking methodology for work at our organization.  Here we would like to present the methodology to our partners and audience in Sweden, including the decision makers providing funding to culture in Sweden. The methodology is engaging artists creating participatory [...]

Lia Ghilardi’s reflections on our webinar "Arts as a Force for Social Change"2021-07-28T20:32:10+00:00

"Arts as a force for social change" – Liz Gardiner


On June 16th, Intercult invited four socially engaged and changemaking women artists and practitioners to present the frame of their community building methodology. Liz Gardiner is an artist, teacher doctoral candidate with the University of the West of Scotland, free-lance consultant specialising in cultural planning and executive director of Fablevision. Liz is interested in arts [...]

"Arts as a force for social change" – Liz Gardiner2021-09-07T07:56:23+00:00

Webinar – Arts as a force for social change


We are living in a time of crisis where arts and cultural organisations are marginalised and isolated but it is a fact that they become stronger when they are embedded and supported by their community. How can cultural organisations and individuals increase art in the community and be of help to the wider community? This [...]

Webinar – Arts as a force for social change2021-09-07T07:56:49+00:00

Building social capital: a methodology


International cooperations and transnational projects have long since been Intercult’s forté, but times and focus have changed during recent years. We have therefore expanded our focus. For Intercult to remain relevant, on a local, national och international level, we needed to adapt. International projects are no longer the primary interest of our financial beneficiaries and [...]

Building social capital: a methodology2021-03-18T16:17:09+00:00

I_Improve Conversations


2021 is here and we are preparing for the last year of the I_Improve project! Time has truly flown by and we are very excited for this last run. A lot has happened these past three years, and to learn as much as possible from our experiences all of the partner organisations have participated in [...]

I_Improve Conversations2021-10-08T11:41:36+00:00

Three tips when planning your online event


Earlier this year in June we were planning our workshop together with Changemaker Livet Bitch! - and let me tell you, we learned a lot. Firstly, we had to ask ourselves if it was possible to go through with a workshop in the current climate of the pandemic. We decided, like many others during [...]

Three tips when planning your online event2020-10-07T20:30:43+00:00

Informal learning


I_improve is a project centered around informal learning, but what is informal learning? Our informal educator Avril Meehan helps us answer that question in a brand new piece of writing published on the I_improve website. She goes into explaining the subject, how to approach it and also a reading list for those who would [...]

Informal learning2020-10-02T12:52:41+00:00

European Culture during the Corona-Crisis


The Corona Virus changes the world and also the culture in Europe. How do cultural workers deal with it? What effects does the virus have on the world of culture and how do the different countries of the European Union deal with it? We discuss these questions with the Council of the River // Cities [...]

European Culture during the Corona-Crisis2021-01-14T13:50:35+00:00
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