Our journey through the VR world continues within the educational course “Create Performing Arts with VR“.

During our third workshop our participants met Adam Wittsell from Superficial machines. The collective Superficial machines vision is to create tools and methods to scale events beyond the confines of physical venues, allowing anyone to join and interact regardless of location or device. They are leveraging Web3 coordination tools and immersive technology like VR/AR in order to achieve this.

During two intensive days, the participants were able to create virtual environments in the sketching program Shapesxr  (app free of charge!). Creativity flowed as the virtual spaces evolved, from a 3D model of an already existing physical stage space, a model of a physical stage to test VR ideas to a sketch of a fairytale stage space for a planned children’s theater production and even a storyboard for VR – the “Death to the clones” experience.

It is fascinating to experience how technology and imagination can work together to create scenic environments that break the barriers between the physical and the virtual world.

Thanks to our artistic leader Adam and to our brave participants who challenge their limits of technology and creation and in thought dare to cross the limit of the physical stage space.