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Memory of Waters 2018-2020

Intercult is the initiator of the project Memory of Waters, with the support from Creative Europe, together with 5 partner organisations in Europe. The aim of the project is to create a new trans European conversation, which we anticipate will not only impact on planning and regeneration policy within participating countries, but through our dissemination plan, will reach out to governments, citizens, planners, architects and academics across Europe.    

Focused on the future development of our post industrial waterfront heritage zones, Memory of Waters will explore three important themes: memory and heritage; access and inclusivity;  environmental responsibilities/impacts.

Participating artists: 

  • Jonas Mystrand, director and initiator of Studio Jox.

Europe’s shipbuilding, textile and other manufacturing industries have declined throughout liquid modernity. Abandoned industrial spaces and folk memories are important tangible and intangible heritage in the context of our common histories. The question “what next?” is being explored by artists across Europe engaging with local residents of diverse cultures, politicians and planners, to question policy and generate debate.  Memory of Water – spanning Belgium, Greece, Ireland, Poland, Scotland, Sweden and cyberspace – explores through artistic action and interaction: “what’s next for Europe’s post-industrial waterfront heritage zones?”

In the partnering cities of Gdansk, Goteborg, Govan, Levadia, Limerick, Ostende and Stockholm, cultural organisations, institutions and municipalities – connected by the pan-European River Cities Network – have come together to learn and share through the Creative Europe Co-operations Project (Cat. 1). Can we learn from partner cities that are successfully delivering liveable communities who are respecting ecosystems, heritage, and memories, as well as boosting the local economy? Can artists transform the narrative for those cities still grappling with questions of land ownership, contested space, homogenisation and gentrification?

Anchored in community wisdom and interconnected questions, Memory of Water consists of a programme of 9 cross-sectoral city labs, 6 international residencies, and 19 artistic interventions with a focus on capacity–building, transnational mobility, and audience development. Together, we envisage a highly-participatory process: artist-led, citizen-focused, inspired by the learning and experience of our international partners, and providing creative European solutions and strategies to local issues.